URBAN~RIPPLE: REIMAGINING VISMARKT is a participatory research around the Vismarkt area. We (Sanne Boekel and Michiel Teeuw) departed from our own curiosity, following the question: Who owns space? From here we spread an open call, inviting people from the arts, academics, and other inhabitants of the city. 

Each part of the project started with an online meeting in which we discussed several of the topics. This was followed by a series of interventions in which we raised topics surrounding accessibility, identity and ownership. 

The last intervention gave the assignment to make a sentence addressing the Vismarkt, and placing this in the Vismarkt area. These have been processed into posters, which we pasted around the city on june 12th. On the window front of deMAKERIJ, you can also read all the sentences compiled as one big poem. 

All of the intervention results have been bundled into a zine, which can be found at City Central and various other city centre locations. 

PARTICIPANTS: Ana Alves + Rowan Bartelink + Seto Bikouta + Sanne Boekel + Lily Dollner + Bernd Ihno Eilts + Jens Huls + Imogen Humphris + Pieter Lam + Martina Priehodova + Michiel Teeuw + Carlos Terán